Earl Grey Infused Vodka


Almost too pretty to drink….OK that’s a lie. Drink this a lot.

Infusion: the process of extracting flavor from plant material in a solvent such as alcohol or as I like  it or the process of turning shitty to mediocre alcohol awesome!

You’ll need:

1 750ml Bottle Mid-Shelf Vodka (Ex: Smirnoff or Skye)

4 Earl Grey Tea Bags

1 Airtight (or as close as you can get) Resealable Container

  • Pour the vodka into the container
  • Add the tea bags
  • Seal the container and let sit for anywhere from 6 -24 hours.  How long you do this really depends on how much you want the vodka to taste like tea.  Don’t go longer than a day though because the vodka will start to take on a bitter quality and since the whole idea was to make the stuff taste better failing to do so kind of defeats the purpose.    
  • Taste occasionally.  I mean you have to, right?  You wouldn’t want something to go wrong.
  • Remove the tea bags.
  • Transfer the vodka back to the original bottle or a decanter if you’re fancy. There shouldn’t be any sediment but if there is, strain the liquid through a coffee filter.

Note: The vodka is going to change color almost immediately but that doesn’t mean anything.  You’re looking for not just a color change but also a flavor change.  Once it’s made you can drink on the rocks with a little honey syrup or add to your favorite vodka cocktail.

Note Note:  When I got married I gave the bottles pictured above as gifts to my Groomsmen and Father-In-Law.  On the day of the wedding I picked my Best Man up and gave him his.  He wanted to leave the bottle back in his apartment for safe keeping.  He put the bottle in his pocket and as he was running to his door the thing tumbled to the ground and shattered into a thousand little pieces.  We both just stood there and had a moment of silence for our fallen comrade.  It never even had a chance.

2 thoughts on “Earl Grey Infused Vodka

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